Monthly Archives: December 2015

Back to it

So I haven’t written anything much in 2015 since creating this blog. There are several reasons but the biggest one is time constraints. I want to get back to contributing to the few people who subscribed to this and potentially attract new subscribers.

I think my overall desire is just to put thoughts to electric paper and write down my own personal successes and failures as I work to get better at creating things (I won’t say furniture).

In 2016 I have a few goals I think are achievable. The first is to make the Nicholson Knock Down bench using Chris Schwarz’s recent article in Popular Woodworking and in his revised Workbenches book. This will allow me to accomplish a few other goals, make a successful mortise and tenon joint, create a smooth and level table top, and improve my use of hand and powered tools (I’m sure this is a goal for every woodworker out there).

I’ll begin posting more pictures of successful projects as well as my failures. I want to this blog to serve as a repository of lessons learned and I plan on using a logbook to capture the time spent on projects and then transfer those items to this blog.