Monthly Archives: March 2015

Poor Man’s Moxon Vise

Yesterday I was able to take some construction grade 2 x 10’s spare 4′ sections, along with a piece of poplar I had and create what I call the Poor Man’s Moxon Vise. I simply found two pieces that mated well, they were not from the same original board and added the poplar clamping beam. Once that was completed I simply clamped the poplar to my folding top and then use two additional cheap-o clamps to pinch my work. It worked really well. In due time I’ll upgrade, but until then I have something to train on how to cut dovetails.

IMG_0012 IMG_0013


Back to trying

Two weekends ago it was too cold to work so I purchased a Veritas Mk II honing guide and spent that Saturday morning sharpening plane blades and chisels. I am now looking forward to using them on new projects. I also received as a gift a new Bosch jigsaw and I am looking forward to using that as well. This past weekend we were on vacation and got a look at dovetailed chest that is very old and a stool that is relatively new as inspiration for future projects. More to follow.