The 7 P’s

As a beginning woodworker I’m often thinking do I plan a project or do I just wing it. The 7 P’s: prior proper planning prevents piss poor performance, has stayed with me for quite some time. But trying new things out and learning from mistakes is where I am at right now. I did plan out my kitchen island project that I completed successfully and I did that based on the amount of money I put into it. I started tonight to plan out my next attempt at the shave brush and razor holder and I think that’ll help, but I also have the experience from the last two to fall back on as well, which were only planned in my mind’s eye. I think going forward I’ll at least sketch out my plans.
This weekend I plan to true up my pieces for the workbench top and possibly glue the first section together. I have high level plans drawn out, a few Sketchup drawings to reference, as well as Schwarz’s book on work benches to guide me in this project.
I’ll also work on the shaving stand and hopefully get to inspect my “new” Stanley No.5 jack plane I bought off of eBay, this week.


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