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Success one failure at a time

I tried something new as I was working the second shave brush holder, I began to add a hole for the razor as well. I successfully added a 7/16″ hole but failed when I tried to expand it. I clamped a piece in the cavity I created to prevent tear out as I enlarged the hole but as I clamped down the extra piece moved up and cracked the top. There was some good that came out of all this. Prior to cutting the cavity I used my recently purchased smoothing plane to remove some tool marks and the rough edges on the basswood and I learned that if your final piece is going to have a thin top pre-drill your holes prior to using the dado to remove the material below. The pictures below show the holder in various stages before the catastrophic failure.

FullSizeRender 10FullSizeRender 9FullSizeRender 8


Trying again

Since I have to be home today due to some family stuff (nothing major) I’m going to take the opportunity build the shave brush holder again. Now that I have a good set of dimensions from my initial one, I’ll focus on making this one more square and have a better hole at the top. I’ll post the results later today. Maybe the one visitor I had will return to see the finished product. If this one goes well I may make a few more & attempt to sell them on Etsy.

First Entry

Who knows if any one will ever read this but I want this blog to showcase what I hope is my ability to improve as a woodworker using my limited time and funds to do so. I am interested in working with hand tools and minimizing the number of power tools my projects require. This interest is driven from watching Roy Underhill’s “The Woodwwright’s Shop” and reading Chris Schwarz’s blog at Lost Art Press. I am taking advantage of finding used hand tools locally. I recently purchased a classic Stanley Bedrock No. 3 smoothing plane, and Stanley block plane and an unknown manufacturer wooden jointer plane, that appears to need a slightly smaller iron. I also bought my first brace and bit this weekend.

Over this weekend I made a shave brush holder after losing my holder and brush last year when I left it in my car after I crashed it. For the past 11 months I was using the plastic holder it came in. This simple holder was made using basswood and finished in tung oil.

FullSizeRender 6 FullSizeRender 5

There are some minor tool marks in the end product along with a less than circular hole where the brush is inserted. I used my table saw with a dado blade to create the recess. I plan on making a few more of these to improve my technique both in general and with coping saw. I’ll make some out of the remaining basswood and one or two out of red oak that have left over from a previous project.